Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I will follow after You

I will follow after you as long as my soul lives
I will lift up my hands unto thy name O Lord
My mouth shall praise You because You have been my help

 In the shadow of Your wings will I rejoice my Lord
Your loving kindness overwhelms my soul O Lord
And I will bless You I will love You all my life

I will mediate on You in the darkest nights
Seek your face oh my Lord In the morning light
My soul longs for You in a dry and thirsty land

 In Your holy sanctuary will I behold Your face
Your loving right hand guides and covers all my ways
And I will love You for You love me all my life

I will give You glory
Pour my life upon Your feet
For Your grace and mercy
Is more than enough
More than enough

Recently, I was introduced to this song while attending service at New Creation Church, and I am truly blessed by this song. The lyrics just touched me deeply, and it reminds me that no matter what I may go through right now, if I truly follow Him, it is just what I should do in life.. to seek after Him, to praise Him for all the things that He has done as long as I am still in this world.

Yes, I may not have a full time now, but I know that I have already did my part in searching diligently for a suitable job (although it may be a really long period of 6-7 months), and now all I can do is just wait. No point rushing although I do admit money could be my sole concern right now.

Anyway, the last 2 interview was positive and I am hopeful that I would receive a reply in a few weeks time. However, even if the silence continues on, let His will be done because He knows what is best for my life. Even if I may be forced to leave Singapore due to unable to find employment, it may be His will after all, but still, I have a bond to serve, and I believe that I should not just give up just like that especially when it seems so close now to seal employment.

In short, let His will be done. I can only do my part by diligently seeking for jobs which are suitable, and He is the one who decides the job that I should be in ( which I will take it as a sign on whichever job offer comes first). In the mean time, I do have time to read up on books that I have missed. So, yeah, I do have things to do even if I may not be employed and lacking of money at the moment. :)


Found this cover nicely done on You Tube. Enjoy and be blessed. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Five Principles Of Performance

First post of the year!

Reading this on Linkedin. It's amazing to see how I treated Linkedin more seriously since this year. The pursuit in getting a job for a total of close to 6 months certainly doesn't help, but well, I believe by the time I finally get one, I know I would treasure it seriously, and probably work my ass out, even if it may sacrifice my social life or whatever.

Anyway, read on. It's a real nice article which tells about success correlation to performance.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last post of the year (2013)

I guess it's time to make a closing post since year 2013 is going to be ending soon.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Convocation photo

After one week, I received this photo in my email.

Probably one of the highlights in 2013, where the memories of this day have to be treasured always. 

Monday, June 3, 2013


It's official. After 4 years, this is the first time I feel relieved after getting my final results. (as it would be my last time)

Of course, the picture is edited slightly since I would choose not to reveal my actual results (okay, I may have reveal it in my earlier posts :D) . Still, the results is expected and I am grateful that my final year project got A-! That have been my worry for quite a while, but glad it's all over! :D

Awaiting my convocation, which would be on 29 July at 6 pm.

Plans now:

Attend church camp (3-5 June) at Tambun.
Finish up some of my books and movies which I have downloaded.
Prepare mentally before I commence my first job at PWG Genetics as a junior study director on 1st July. Hoping my first job (or rather long term job) would be a satisfying experience where I could learn, grow and mature.

Future plans:

Ending my singlehood days. I actually think this is a tough one to achieve unless I am able to change who I am (in terms of dressing/style or basically outward appearance), besides being more involved in social activities/ volunteer work and be a more selfless/outgoing type of person.

(Well, I do know my own weaknesses, but somehow haven't really put any effort to change it. *need to constantly remind myself on that*)

Well, I have no more future plans other than that, as that is actually the first step for other future plans. So, yeah, it is indeed my heart desire, but I realize that those kind of stuffs could not be forced, but rather, it would come some day - I hope.

P.S: Would try to update often since it's been 4 months since I last posted something here! Lol. Actually, it's because nothing really meaningful happens in my final sem, thus nothing to post. Hopefully that won't be the case when I start work!

Dato Bandar 2013 tournament

It's been a while since my last tournament in Malaysia (GACC). Since I have just finished my studies in NTU, have decided to come back to Ipoh to relax and slack before I endured the next phase of life as a working adult.

Admittedly, I have thought this tournament (Dato Bandar) would be easy, as most of the top players are suppose to be in National Closed / preparing for it. Guess I was wrong. Here's part of the participant list.

As shown here, I was kind of stunned and feeling regretful when I see the list, since the registration fee is RM30, and I have a high chance to lose that amount with such a field. So, could only hope for a favourable pairing which isn't that favorable, but not that bad. Anyway, time control is 25 min (without increment).

The list of my opponents: -

First round, I got a bye which results in lower tie break, but of course that isn't the concern in the final ranking since 6-10th placing gives back your registration fee. 

The real game starts from round 2-5, and became easier (surprisingly) after that. In round 2, I faced Anthony where he played a weird variation of a Caro- Kann (or maybe he is just underestimating me?) - e4 c6 d4 Na6!? .. Okay, admittedly, he got a better position in the middle game after that, but unluckily blunder a knight and is forced to resign since there are no 'swindles' available. :D 

Round 3 paired me against Fadzil, where I lost. Okay, since he is one of the strong players in Malaysia, perhaps its okay to lose. Still, I need to analyze my slav in detailed since there is some opening inaccuracies (always happen when I take the pawn on c4 and defending it with b5)

Round 4, I was up against Nabil, one of the past National Junior Champion. Was kind of amazed with my 'luck' at this point of time, but at least I am taking white, and my confidence while taking white is always higher compared to the black side for some reasons (proven in every tourney that I have played so far). 

Played an anti-Sicilian line, got into slight trouble (where he failed to find one line that actually wins). After a few moves, the position becomes like this, and I thought after I push e6, I should be able to win easily (which is suppose to be the fact after computer analysis). Guess I was wrong. 

After e6, he countered with g5 to complicate things (wanting to play g4, and perhaps mate me somehow), and I went into some sort of calculation mode. In my mind, I thought it should be a simple win after Qc3+ (trading off the queen and then roll my pawns). Actually, computer suggested fxg5, but with so many variations playable in time trouble, I doubt its easy to find it. Lol. 

Anyway, quite a 'fair' game. He misses his chance earlier and I missed my chance in the end. 

Round 5 was a match where I was matched against Nabil's father. During that match, I have to admit that I have no plan at all - where I just simply play defense due to my position getting pressured. In the end, blundered a pawn and lost the ending. 

Round 6 was easy since my opponent blundered a piece early. 

Round 7, was paired against one guy whom I trashed in GACC. Unfortunately, I was taking black in this tournament. Managed to grab a few pawns in my favourite slav variation (and got a strong counter with my pawn march), but got attacked rather badly on the king side. Luckily, managed to find a strong defense where he somehow did a Japanese 'kamikaze' due to frustration perhaps. :D

Overall, I was placed 8th, a relatively good placing considering the strong field and good luck perhaps. (not meeting any more strong opponents after round 5). Good news is I got back RM30, which is the registration fee. Lol. 

Results overall (for top ten placing): 

Link to chess-results: HERE

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last GACC - 2013

Finally the event ends, and unfortunately, it's going to be my last one since I would be graduating this sem. Overall, in terms of points, I improved by 0.5 points (could have been 1 point improvement from last year, but I failed to win in a winning position in the last round - and that sucks).

Anyway, a general comment regarding the event overall: - 

Accommodation: No comment, seeing that the NTU team were staying in Jasmine Towers, which was only a few minutes drive from UM. 

Food: The daily food in the hostel degraded slightly from last year. However, the food at the closing ceremony improved a lot!  

Playing venue: Suitable, as it was not as cold as last year. However, I do feel the playing venue last year was better (with the air-cond as exception)

Participants: Very tough as the Russian team was present and they almost whack everyone (except Fadzil, where he somehow manage to draw against all 4 members of the Russian team. :D ) 

Performance of NTU team: Retained 6th standing, but we could have done better. Just do not know the reason why 2 members of our team lost 4 games in a row (perhaps morale was hurt badly?), and that actually hurts the team score a lot. However, I do hope that the NTU team could come back better next year (although I would not be there anymore) 

Anyway, pictures on the off day (and the closing ceremony itself) :- 

Closing ceremony - NTU and UM team. 

Closing ceremony - Singapore team (NTU + NUS) with our liaison Hui Jing.

Picture taken in Chinatown on our off day. 

Picture taken in Home Made Fish Head Noodle (Mid Valley) with our old liaison - Ai Wen and current batch of juniors from UM. Celebrated Na Na's birthday there as well. :) 

Now, that the event have ended, the real final sem begins where it will commence with a presentation for Engineer and Society (this week) and the rush to complete final year project by mid April (which I do not even know whether I can complete it by that time due to starting really late which is frankly not my fault).

Also, there is the pressure of applying for jobs. Hoping to secure one before graduation if its possible. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Exam results

Good news:- 

CGPA rise by 0.02 or rather 0.03 (from my CGPA calculator). Now I am wondering where's the error since I did check the calculator formula as well. -.-

Okay, anyway, it did not make any difference since my degree is already fixed as second lower. I believe it's ridiculous or rather impossible to get A for FYP, Gene Therapy and Engineer & Society.. Yeah, that's the only 2 modules left besides fyp. So, I think I could be considered as graduated from NTU already? lol.

Anyway, joke aside. My final hurdle would be fyp (and job seeking of course), and frankly speaking, the results for my final sem really does not matter at all for my degree, but I do aim to finish well, with at least a really high second lower so that I would be able to justify my results to my future employers. 

My CGPA chart progress : - 

Did it with Matlab, and yeah, I still remember my codes although I did not touch Matlab since my IA. Kind of miss it since coding is something which I like, not memorizing and crapping stuffs in exam. Was hoping my fyp would be related to Matlab, but it seems it would be something different from what I expected earlier. Oh well, got to stick with it and cherish my final sem modifying bacteria to produce a precursor for my drug!  

From observation, my CGPA have a trend that is increasing. I did slightly worse in my year 1 (sem 1 and 2), whereas my following years was a lot better. Perhaps I have already adjusted to the environment by year 2? I am not so sure about that, but I might need some time to think about it since interview questions might be based on that if all companies are really that result-oriented.  

Decided to stop here for now. Goals for final sem:- 

1. Complete fyp. (poster, write-up, journals, referencing, experiments in lab etc etc)
2. Groom myself for interview.
3. Research on companies and do not be picky! (since my school results are not up to par)

Yeah, I guess that's it. As for chess, my last service for the school would be in GACC in KL. Really hope that the last one would be memorable since it's my final sem and my final year already. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Penang Open 2012

Just finished a year-end tournament in Penang where I participated in the Challengers category. The reason why I did not participate in the open category is because the field was insanely tough and the entrance fee is so expensive (RM400 for unrated players). Besides, since I was actually aiming for the top prize, I decided the challengers category was perhaps better suited for me although I would learn more in the open category. 

As a result, I got 3rd placing with a 7/9 score (won 6, draw 2, lost 1). A bit disappointed with the lost game since after analysis with the computer and with Wei Liang's help, it seems that I could have some strong compensation for the sacrificed pawn but I didn't see the right continuation. 

In the position above, it's my turn to move (white), and I was down a pawn. Actually, the position is not that bad if only I saw Bd4 Qxb4 a3!! ( I miss this in between move and thought it was a pin to my bishop hence I didn't follow up with that plan) Qa5 Qg4 Bf8 Qxd7. In the actual game, I play a3, defending the b4 pawn when in fact, I should go out for the attack which would be in the diagram below. 

So, after I played a3 earlier to defend my b4 pawn, my opponent consolidate his position with Qf6 and it's all over a few moves later. As you can see from the diagram which could happen if I were to saw that variation, the bishop on b7 is weak, Q on a5 is out of play and I have d6 tactic (mating attack). It's not easy to defend this as black as Wei Liang had pointed during the analysis.

Anyway, I only managed to make a come back in the last round after suffering from a minor dip in form, where the game was almost drawn since it's a opposite colour bishop ending. Just that in that penultimate round, I told myself that I MUST win to get a good placing and alas after some hardcore pushing on my part, my opponent finally stressed out and committed the last blunder. 

My progress and my opponent points is as shown below:- 

From observation, it seems all my opponents are actually not that bad since almost all of them won some prize in the end. :D This results in me having a really high tie break, which gave me 3rd place in the end. 

Some random pictures taken:- 

3rd placing! The only photo from the penang facebook page, and the cameraman was not really good. 

My game with Lim Wei Sheng that ended up in a draw. Well, my Sveshnikov theory is not in-depth at that point of time, and luckily, he didn't saw some moves which I blundered earlier in the opening. :D 

Actually, the whole game was pretty wild where my attack (and advantage) suddenly gone backfire and I have to find all the right defensive move later in the game. I even miss a winning move in the ending earlier and was a bit annoyed actually since I choose to trade queen (with Qxf5) instead of moving my queen to fork his rook and bishop (as shown in the diagram). 

I was actually questioning myself on why I didn't see Qh4 since that would lead to a won game. -.- Oh well, got to learn from my mistakes in this game since he played a weird variation (with f3 instead of Bg5) which confused me slightly since I don't know the main purpose of the opening. :D

Ipoh people! I kind of like this photo actually. :)

Full result of the tournament which include the open category. Click to enlarge.

Link to Challengers Category: HERE
Link to Open Category: HERE

Now, I would need to gear myself up for fyp! It seems my mood is seriously not here yet and I got to buck up somehow for my final sem! That includes GACC which would be held late January.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Professional Communication presentation

Picture was taken after the presentation is over with the tutor.

(from left): Joann, Janet, my tutor, Xin Ying, Feng Jen (group mates with him for 4 years already. Lol) and me on the very right.

So, after going through 2 formal presentation (and one to go), I have to say that I am still not good especially when it comes to presentation. It's actually one of the things which I fear but forced to go through in my years of education in NTU.

Theory said a good presentation would involves good eye contact, good facial expression, appropriate speed and most importantly able to connect with the audience. In fact, the theory is easy but it's really difficult to apply especially when you still need to depend on your slides a bit to help you remember what you have to say.

Furthermore, at times, when I was focusing on presenting the content on my part, I am a bit unaware of how my hand gesture goes and there is also one habit that I got to correct, which is my position and how I tend to behave when I am a bit nervous - which is very weird compared to other people.

Sometimes I do wonder how some of my course mates learnt to present so well. It's like they are able to do almost everything correct while I was trying to get my script right, which is perhaps the wrong focus since I actually know my script well. The problem is probably my confidence level, which I gotta improve!

Anyway, a general comment about Professional Communication module. The module is indeed fun compared to the rest of my module, as the content really helps when it comes to the working world (resume + cover letter writing, mock interview practice and of course finally the presentation part where every group had to come out with a case study that relates to Singapore context in the working environment - conflicts/culture/business meetings)

Okay, now I got to refocus back on the final presentation which is the biodesign module on Monday (final presentation of the sem!!) and start studying for finals. I really hope that I could improve my CGPA from second lower to second upper (which is the cutoff point for a lot of companies!), but the stress is too high when you need to score at least A- for most of the modules. Well, whatever goes, I would still put in my best and hopefully I do get the grade which I deserve in the end.


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