Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Refuge (updated with chords)

It seems ages since I last blogged. Time and priority certainly changed a lot once you started working, and at times, my emotions certainly got the better of me which got to seriously tone down at times. It seems ironic that I appear as patient, cool and flexible outside work, but during working hours, I find it just hard to be the person that I am outside work.

Anyway, loved this new song composed by New Creation Church - and it certainly brings a reminder about God, who He is to me - my refuge, my strong tower.

Chords are as below (from hearing. So, it may not be 100% accurate but I sure hope it is close to it)

Key: E


B C#m A
B C#m A

Verse 1 

    E                                            B
I call upon Your name, You delivered me from harm 
           C#m                                         A
In the shadow of Your wings no fear comes 
    E                                        B
I turn to You alone, Jesus, You’re my guiding light
           C#m                                        A 
In the presence of Your love I will abide 


B C#m A
B C#m A

Verse 2 

        E                                                B
No matter what the storm, You command the surging seas 
               C#m                                  A
At Your word there is a calm and a peace 
      E                                     B     
Forever in Your heart, I can never fall away 
                C#m                                     A
For Your faithful love endures age to age 


           A        E                    A              E
For I say out loud, You are my strong tower 
                A        B            E
You will rescue me, Yahweh 
          A             E                  A                  E
I will not grow faint but my heart grows stronger 
          A             B              E
As I choose to seek Your face 

C#m A

     C#m                     A  
I run to You, my refuge, for You are on my side 
       E                            B/D# (this one could be B, but certain stage have D#)
 Hosanna, hosanna! God arise!

The clip below is recorded live from service, so quality may not be good as it is recording quality, though I would say it shows how the song goes. :D

Updated.. NCC has just released the 2015 album Anthem Of Grace. Here is the song (which I hope it would not be removed due to copyright) :D

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