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Reflections for year 2014

Finally it comes to the end of this year, where it's time to make a reflection ( in another word, a very long post) for things that have happened for the past year.

In short, 2014 is probably one of the best and most fruitful year ever (a big contrast from year 2013 - the year where I was at my lowest peak).

Timeline for 2014:-

January 2014 

Attended Joel's wedding, one of my close friend whom I have known for many years. Was pianist that time as well. =)

Well, the year may not start that great as I was still jobless in Jan, but still, some events like this do cheer up my soul!

March 2014

Alas, after awaiting an offer since August 2013, the job offer finally came this month, and trust me when I say this - it really sucks being jobless even after attending countless interviews/seeking advice from friend/browsing through job portals, agents and trying everything to the point of desperation whereby any job also can as long as I get one - even those jobs that are not suitable to my personality such as recruitment consultant/sales.

I still remembered the feeling of hitting rock bottom, unable to get out of the pit, rejected, wanting to give up and also wondering is there any purpose in life. Seeing all others around me (course mates, friends etc) getting employed (and yet I am not!) doesn't help much to my self-esteem either.  To put it bluntly, the unemployment period is certainly the lowest point in my life.

However, the Lord is faithful and finally, after much seeking, a door is finally open.  Initially, I thought one of the previous interview went well, and I was expecting an offer in a few days time. I was also prepared to attend church only 2 times a month (as the job is a shift job which requires one to work on weekend twice a month), but turns out in the end, it's only one door. What's more it's a job with constant hours that comes along with good salary - which means I could attend church weekly, and also serve!

Truly, the blessing that come is better than I could ever ask or imagine. Although there may be ups and downs since my official first project (beginning from May 2014), the experience is certainly worthwhile, and I certainly relishes more challenges in the upcoming year, and also hopefully to improve my communication with my lead.

April 2014- Dec 2014

In April, I have decided to join a CG after months of attending New Creation Church (and in the process, have decided NCC to be my home church after much consideration).

It's a hard time letting go of my past and transition to a new environment especially when I have already attended City Harvest Church for like 4 years - and also made some true friends as well (whom I still hang out and keep in touch with) over those period.

However, I truly feel that it is the season to shift due to some reasons and the decision is certainly well worth it in the end, whereby I got acquainted with West Coast Rise CG in May 2014.

Firstly, through West Coast Rise CG, I got to know lots of awesome people - a CG that truly does life together, besides encouraging and sharing insights with each other during small group sessions. It's a season in my life where I truly enjoy and in the process become a bit more 'outgoing' though I am definitely still an introvert at heart. =)

Some pictures taken since May-now are as followed:-

Christmas Celebration during Gen Rev

The period whereby we bid farewell to our CG leader Ruth, as she is stepping into another season of greater glory.

Hanging out together at Sentosa, a place where I have not been to since the last Freshman Orientation Camp. :D

Celebration of birthdays (in the picture, we were celebrating Rachel's birthday during Gen Rev camp)

Attending Joycelyn's convocation together (which also came as a surprise) 

Group photo taken during Gen Rev Camp

The memories made with the CG is one that I would always treasure. It's truly the season of greater glory for me in the year 2014.

Not to forget some random catch-ups with friends over the past few months.

Pictures taken during Fiona's wedding and my old CG mates while in CF.

Picture taken at Gardens by the Bay (my first time there), supporting a friend that is performing (singing carols) to the public

Dec 2014 - family vacation

In Dec, have also went back to my hometown, meeting up with my family! It's been a while since I last went back. I do still miss my small cheeky little sister, who have just completed her SPM examinations. As a brother, sometimes can't help but to disturb her. :D

We had a pleasant trip in Medan/Lake Toba (one of the reasons why I went back in Dec), and enjoyed a luxurious stay at JW Marriot on the last day.

Pictures of some sceneries taken during the trip:-

Waterfall viewed from the top

A full view of Lake Toba from the top.


Would also like to share a summary on the Christmas message preached in New Creation recently, which is centered around Romans 8:31-32.

Romans 8:31-32Amplified Bible (AMP)31 What then shall we say to [all] this? If God is for us, who [can be] against us? [Who can be our foe, if God is on our side?] 32 He who did not withhold or spare [even] His own Son but gave Him up for us all, will He not also with Him freely and graciously give us all [other] things?

If God have given us the greatest gift (which is salvation through His Son, whom He loves. Indeed you can only understand how much God loves you if you know how much God loves His son), how can He not freely give us all things? What is to God the temporal gifts? And if indeed God gives the greater, wouldn't he give us the lesser?

Also, if God even cloth the grass, won't he much more cloth you? (as you are obviously more valuable than the grass) (Matthew 6:30)

It is a message whereby God will supply all things you will ever need (Note it is not 'WANT') according to His richness in glory by Christ Jesus (Phillipians 4:19). Trust that He knows what is best for you.

Of course this does not apply if :-

1. It is done in a wrong spirit (ie covetousness/greediness)

2. Your request causes more harm than good to you/ causes you to fall away from Him 

3. You are not ready to receive it yet/ the foundation is not strong. 

Note that the above is solely my opinion and may/may not have been preached in pulpit.

I believe that it is incorrect too to seek the gift more instead of the giver - as this passage could be misinterpreted to be as such, whereby it causes one to be self-centered as the focus is upon your own needs. However, that is another topic all together for another time. =)

Lastly, to end this post, here is my 3 prayer request (vision) for the year 2015, which I am trusting God to manifest in its time!

To summarize again, it's been truly a great and blessed 2014, and I believe that greater things are still to come in the year 2015!

Happy new year 2015 readers (if my readers still exists)! =)

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