Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hillsong Conference 2015 - Open Heaven

It's been a long time since I last blogged, but just wanted to post something regarding Hillsong Conference 2015, a conference that I have longed to go for since I was young, and finally it comes to pass!

First off, let's come to a song that is just totally awesome, and which keeps echoing in my ears after the conference!

Here's the lyrics. Enjoy the song and may you catch the fire as well! :)

Verse 1

Signs and wonders from above
When You pour out Your spirit
On the old and the young
In the power of Your presence

Chorus 1

Holy spirit rain
Falling like a flood
Break upon my praise
As I sing of Your love

Holy spirit fire
Burn within my soul
As I call on Your name
As I call on Your name 

Verse 2

Dreams and visions of the son
As I stand in Your presence
Revelations of Your love
As I look to the heaven

Chorus 2

Oh Holy Spirit
Burn like a fire
All consuming
Consume me

Here in Your presence
Lord I surrender to Your glory
For Your glory


Living water
River wild in me
Immerse me in Your mercy
Open heavens crushing over me
Restore me to Your glory

Updated on 26 Aug. Video removed due to copyright infringement.

Update on 1st sep. Blogger have sent me a notice that I infringe copyright even though the video is already removed which I think it is a bit unfair but oh well, things do happen.

I hope the edited post have no copyright infringement? If lyrics also infringe copyright, I have NOTHING to say.


Maya said...

Signs and wonders from above
When You pour out Your spirit
On the old and the young
In the power of Your presence


Lawrence said...

Thanks Maya! Updated the lyrics and uploaded the video since the video was private already

Tyla Howard said...

Hillsong conference was amazing hey!! I loved it.
Check out my blog:

Anonymous said...

Do you know the title and album i can get this off?

Myles Hunkin said...

do you know the name of the song please?

Lawrence said...

Myles: As the title says, Open Heaven! The album would be out in October this year.

Cynthia Dieyi said...

Is this song available for sale anywhere? I heard it for the first time at HillSong LA yesterday and I need it in my life!



Greater works



the peple of Ghana can't wait to see this..

Anonymous said...

can you repost?!?!!


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