Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Love On The Line

A nice cover done by a few youths from New Creation Church. Enjoy!

Previous video (Open Heaven) was removed due to copyright infringement. Hopefully this one won't as it is a cover! :)

You put your love on the line
To bear the weight of sin that was mine
Washing my river of wrongs 
Into the sea of your infinite love 

With arms held high 
Lord I give my life 
Knowing I'm found in Christ 
In your Love forever

With all I am 
By your Grace I stand 
The greatest of all romance 
Love of God my Saviour 

Mercy roars like hurricane winds 
Furious love laid waste to my sin 

To the one who has rescued my soul 
To the one who has welcomed me home
To the one who is saviour of all I sing forever

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