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Reflection for the year 2015

It is the time of the year again to reflect on the year as a whole. For me, reflection helps to keep track on my life, on how God have bought me through despite the ups and downs experience over the years, and also to keep track on the substantial changes/improvement over the years.
2015 theme for the church was a year of restoration, where personally I did see restoration in the area of work.

At the start of the year, I was still involved in the most boring task to date as a validation engineer, which is copying the same old script again and again for a few hundred times. I honestly don't think anyone would relish such a task, and yes, bitterness did indeed get into me, especially when other people who just entered the team got a more interesting task while I am still stuck with pipette. 

Fast forward a few months later, I am posted to Johor.

Thank goodness it's only a few months before the new posting. I really thought I would be going to be stuck doing "human copying" job for this year and have ever since given up any hope of any changes to my role. 

This Johor assignment is definitely more interesting with challenges on its own, mainly the traffic coming back to SG everyday and increased responsibilities, with a car given to me, and new job scope. Initially, I was concerned about many things as I was just in a new relationship with my now-ex (as I would have less time to spend with her due to traveling between Johor and Singapore daily). 

Well, even though there are challenges in terms of utilities like wifi/no phone signal, limited choice of food etc earlier, it is still considered a lot better than the first project I was assigned to if you take in the whole package. One good thing of having an assignment in Malaysia is that I can take advantage of the good exchange rate and enjoy better food (after work, I drove myself to better areas before coming back just to avoid the jam) if compare to Singapore.  

Still, it's a rather good experience whereby I have to learn how to survive on my own, without any help from anyone. Learned how to write some protocols (SOP, FAT, URS etc) and also various other documentation tasks that needed support. 

Fast forward to my current project, which I really enjoyed the most. For this project, my role changes from "only validation" to "project engineer".  This is where my restoration really begins although it didn't felt so at first. 

Initially, during the first month, to be honest, it is not enjoyable at all. Imagine placed in a situation where you have not done that sort of thing before (in my case, piping and instrumentation diagram, cutting/welding/related drawings/scaffold) and is expected to give solutions on the problems faced. You also realized you have to take over a project from someone who is so much more experienced than you and co-ordinate the activities within the timeline given, without sufficient knowledge or technical expertise.

Given that my experience at that time is only on validation documents (laboratory equipment) and a bit of project support in change request/project scheduling, it is certainly a steep learning curve for me on an area unexplored before.  Initially, I faced a lot of scolding until there comes a point where I just felt like quitting/resigning due to incompetency on the task given. Certainly demoralizing at that moment.

I thank God that there is grace, in all this. His grace is evident in the times when I just dreaded going to work. My supervisor saw me rather depressed earlier on, and changed his approach in dealing with me. Slowly, I started to gain back a bit of confidence after the screw-up earlier on, and I thank God that he is rather patient with me, explaining why certain things have to be done as such. I am glad to say as of now, the work is becoming more "familiar". At least now I know what is needed to be done and also how to do it although there are certain hiccups along the way.

The good thing about this project is about the people you are working with, unlike the first 2 project. In this project, everyone does their part in making the task successful, and I am thankful that my supervisor still do give good advice on how to do certain things even though he is also busy with his own responsibilities. 

My colleagues was also really nice.. There are a few occasions where they are concerned over my lifestyle (drinking too much soda during lunch break, no exercise etc) which I do acknowledge. Not often do you find people/friends that would say out the things that you need to hear, and that is something which I really appreciate in this company.

On many occasions, I could be 'funny' or 'blur' which was noted by many. Not sure why but it could be just my character is really like that. That impression definitely need to be changed in due course, especially in the professional world. If not, people would not take you seriously. Wanted to be someone that is serious and also fun when the occasion demands it. (refer to the 3 wishes for the year 2016)

I am sure I would really miss them by the time my contract ends. Here are a few pictures taken on/after work with my colleagues.

Outing at Oma Spoon. Awesome dessert!

Photo booth during Christmas. Feel their HR is quite fun.

Gift exchange and outing at Play Nation with interns as well. :)

Next would be the area of relationship. Yes, although I may thought God has already given me a life partner (earlier this year), things doesn't work well at the end which is partly my fault. Still, many things that I do gain out from that experience (as can be seen from my previous posts).

This year is also a new season in CG, when Yi Wei came in, replacing Eugene as CGL for West Coast Rise CG due to Eugene long term work in Brazil. When Yi Wei leads, you could expect to be challenged to think more about certain issues, especially when he asked lots of questions that could be interesting and yet difficult to answer. Personally, for me, he also provides good advice and support especially during my break-up with my ex in Sep.

On New Year Eve, he shared about God's grace that enabled him to reach out to some of the CG members where some share about their hurts and struggles to him. Personally, he felt blessed to be part of our life even though he is only merely a few months in the CG and points it down to God's unmerited favor. He mentioned too that everyone in the CG is unique in its own way which prompts him to ask lots of questions to know each one better.

Personally, I think if you have a leader like him, you feel like you can just share stuffs with him, knowing that he would be one that listens and also brings you back to the word besides offering practical advice. In fact, he was the first person I shared on that very fateful day when she sends that message, which leads to emotional breakdown during work that time. That certainly speaks volume, as I am not particularly one that opens up to just any people unless I feel comfortable in doing so.

Blessed to have him as a CGL. Maybe one of my resolution for 2016 should be to record down what he says during CG. :) Like the way he summarized things especially revelations which he shared with the CG as well. Here's some of the pictures taken with the CG in 2015.

Pic taken during gift of love. 

Christmas celebration with the west clusters.

Countdown during NYE at Yi Wei's house

It is also a great time bonding with my serving team (Mighty A3) this year. Although there are moments where separation has to occur (like Jennifer transferring to lead another team), there are also awesome moments of fellowship with the team outside service. 

Most interesting moment is during the ASA (Annual Server's Appreciation) preparation.

WE-fie for ASA (to see which team is creative). Although we didn't win in the end, it is definitely a fun activity! Can't to see what's in 2016.

Some of the Mighty A3 team during ASA this year. Although we did not really put much effort into our "costumes", it is still great to just be in the team. 

Fast forward to year end, and it's Thanksgiving Sunday, last service of the year, where as a church, we come together to thank Him for His goodness in the year 2015. Of course, there comes the annual prayer request for the upcoming year.

For the upcoming year, decided to be more specific in what I would like to see in the year 2016, on what I would like to trust God for. 

Prayer request for the year 2016 would be:-

Not sure why prayer request 1 is bigger in font. Lolz.

It's centered around 3 theme as usual - career, relationship and character development which is particularly important during this season in life. 

Can't wait to see what is the theme for the year 2016. The first service of the year is also particularly meaningful especially when my dad would be attending the service together as well. He came all the way from Ipoh (for my birthday and to help out with spring cleaning of my room). Definitely do appreciate this gesture. And if I were to add in another prayer request, it would be good health for my family. A bit worried with my dad's coughing that doesn't seem to be recovering any time soon.

To sum it all, the year 2015 was a pretty interesting year, with ups and downs, and also lots of lesson learned along the way. I trust that the year 2016 would be a more interesting year and even better!


Iriene Heng said...

Happy New Year to you! Glad to know that you have graduated and started your career as a project engineer.
God Bless you and God is good all the time :)

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