Sunday, May 29, 2016

Short Update on Life

Been a while since I last posted as there are so many things going on in my life, but I felt compelled to post this.

1. Year of Possessing Our Possessions for church. Personally, I felt this year is more of restoration in a way. =)

2. Switched company early May this year, and moved on to a new role that is rather interesting and challenging. The pay package is definitely a lot better although I have to admit that I was rather hesitant to make the switch earlier as I was not sure whether that is God's plan or not. However, I think the decision is correct, thanks to advice from my CGL/good friends from CG.

Though I may be still new, and also 'argumentative' once in a while which is an apparent weakness of mine, I trust that this is an open door from the Lord (one of my prayer requests this year in fact). Praying that I would learn to accept other people opinion, and not being so 'perfectionist' cause I believe that this trait could irritate people, especially my new colleagues who is really nice and helpful towards me. Believed that the Lord would work something in me, and that I would learn how to rest in Him, and not blaming myself if things didn't go the way I expected it to be.

3. 28 May 16- an important milestone in my life, and one which I would never even expect to happen so fast after the incident that happened last year. (my break-up)

Got together officially with a really wonderful, strong and independent girl, engineer (same profession with mine. :D), loves books, one that also loves God, and also in the same church. I am rather excited on how this would lead, but I believe that if God is in the center of our relationship, the journey together would be one that is really interesting, although there would certainly be challenges that comes our way. (which do happen in every relationship). In fact, I am really looking forward to the days ahead, with her!

Really felt blessed, especially when this is something totally unexpected this year, and to be honest, I am certainly skeptical about this earlier when I made the 3 wishes. Somehow, I have a strong feeling that this would be one that would lead to marriage (in a couple of years maybe), but we shall see. :)

Dear, if you are reading this, which I know you will, I love you, and I pray that we will continue to have meaningful conversations with each other + enjoying each other presence through the activities that we would be doing together in the days to come. More importantly, let us continue to put God first in our life, and trust that He is the one that would bring us even closer together, despite the challenges that would come our way. Let us walk this journey together, hand in hand and to support each other in our times of difficulties in work and life. Let us also be committed in pointing each other to Christ when either one of us were to place our focus on the wrong things. 

And lastly, thank you dear for letting me experience the feeling on loving and being loved, which is something which I always wanted in life. Long to spend the rest of the days with you. =)

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